Gear Launch!

Gear Launch!

It all started with this...

I was introduced to adventure at a very young age.  Ray (GearLodge co-founder) introduced me to sailing when I was 8, and immediately I was hooked.  The independence and self reliance I felt on the water at such a young age was simply indescribable.  Needless to say, from then on I sought adventure everywhere I could.  Travel and exploration were the driving force through my first job and high school.  Through Boy Scouts I camped every month all over the country, and for our "high adventure" trips we went to Philmont and Key West.  Soon I achieved the rank of Eagle and moved for college, but the adventure didn't stop there.  Each year we had to do something bigger, something more grand to get our fix.  From biking halfway across the state to climbing a 14-er in Colorado to canoeing 340 miles in the longest continuous race in the United States, Ray and I have sought adventure in all forms.  Even on my honeymoon, my brand-new wife and I took to the Rocky Mountain National Park for a couple days of backpacking and exploration.

I'm not bragging when I mention what all we've done.  I say it so that you know that founding Gear Lodge is the culmination of a lifetime of trailblazing and pioneering.  We speak to each of our products with an expertise that you can only attain by living through these experiences of pulling mud out of your boots and waking up to snow covering your tent door.

Please, browse our store.  If you find that something is missing, or if you're looking for a product to fulfill a certain need, reach out to me personally at  I would be delighted to help you find a solution that would work best.  More than anything, we look forward to starting this next adventure with you.

While you're at it, as a token of our appreciation for being some of our first customers, take 10% off at checkout with the code "GEARLAUNCH".